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7 strange yet stunning sleepovers

7 strange yet stunning sleepovers

If you’re going to do the walk of shame, make sure it was worth it. There are two ways to do this:

1.     Select your one-night-stand carefully, despite the confusing fog of beer goggles.

2.     Select your destination carefully, if your company is already a many-nights-stand.

Maybe ‘glamping’ in the Instagram sense of the word is a little out of the price range, but thankfully Australia really knows how to shine bright like a diamond no matter the means.  

Here’s how to get down and dirty (without getting too down and dirty) in some of the best overnighters in the country.


Wilson's Creek, New South Wales

Think igloo, only HOT. This little white dome in the middle of Wilson’s Creek, New South Wales, comes in at less than AUD$100 per night. And, in case you didn’t know this, it has a dunny (toilet) on stilts...


Alpine National Forest, Victoria 

Make yourselves king and YAS KWEEN of the National Forest and get a glamping tent in Alpine National Forest. This baby is only AUD$128 per night, and you get to see the burnt orange sunrise from your zip door.


Coonawarra, South Australia

South Australia turns it on for the pseudo-camper at AUD$80 per night. The only true camping skill you need to have is how to make a fire for the private fire drum. We’ll give you a hint: matches and kindling.


Cockatoo Island, New South Wales

Get your glam on at Cockatoo Island. The mini-glamping option comes in at only AUD$140 per night, and you’ll be plonked on the water with an esky for a side table. That means rolling over and cracking a tinnie is the very first thing you can do when you wake up.


The Southern Highlands, New South Wales

Get lost in the wilderness of New South Wales in an eco-friendly tiny house that sets you up with all the major comforts. Like a bed, shower and a toilet… that even comes with toilet paper. With comfort factor through the tin roof, AUD$190 a night is a steal. 


Halls Gap, Victoria

Hire a 4 metre Bell Tent in Victoria for only AUD$250 for 2 nights for 2 people, and it’ll only get cheaper the longer you stay. This comes with linen, towels, soap, rugs and dreamy decorative touches that make it a true vibe. Stay close to Halls Gap Caravan Park and it’ll cost you even less. 


Alice Springs, Northern Territory 

Save this one for when the folks are in town - or when you hook up with a rich Aussie banker. It might break bank, but talk about a staycation.

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