澳洲有很多本土動物。有些都很有名,例如樹熊和袋鼠,另有很多鮮為人知的動物。 澳洲的動物
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澳洲有好多 本土動物。有些都很有名,例如樹熊和袋鼠,另有很多鮮為人知的動物。 

 你 可以在 我們的動物園 和野生動物園 近距離 與 許多 動物 親密接觸 , 如你 夠運, 可能 會 在 牠們的 自然棲息地 看到 牠們。

我們很多本土動物,都只能在這裡找到 全球只有幾個大洲,包括澳洲,擁有三種哺乳動物——單孔類動物、有袋動物和胎生動物——更是超過800種鳥類的家,當中包括極具代表性的鴯鶓。我們有兩種鱷魚、4,000種魚類和50種海洋哺乳動物。 發掘 澳洲的動物是 許多遊客 到訪 我們 國家的 重要 原因之一。




Australia's wild mammals are unique in the world. Dingo, also known as the Australian wild dog, is Australia's largest carnivorous mammals, and the bag of ants, bagels and bags of badger body shape and the general family cat is no different 

Australian wild dogs except in Tusmania, can be seen everywhere in Australia. To see the trace, the best places are Queensland  Fraser Island , Kimberley in Western Australia   , the Northern Territory's Desert and South Australia.

The ants can only be  found in  Western Australia , and the Badger can only be seen in the wildlife park or the Tasmanian field. 

The endangered bagels are hard to see in the wild, but they are known to live in southeastern Australia and Tasmania's wet forests, as well as in the small area of ​​northern Queensland. To see the rabbit ears, you can go to Francois Peron National Park in Western Australia.


Australia has more than 140 kinds of marsupials, kangaroo, wallaby, and wombat koala like. We have 55 kinds of kangaroos and wombats in Australia, which vary in size and weight from half a kilo (1 lb) to 90 kg (198.4 lb). 

To kiss kangaroos and wombats, immediately to the Australian Alps (Australian Alps) of Namadgi National Park (Namadgi National Park)And Kosciuszko National Park, Pebbly Beach in New South Wales and Freycinet National Park in Tasmania  .

In fact, many people have misunderstood, and that we are born long bear is a bear it To visit the beaches, you can visit the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve near Canberra,   Port Stephens in New South Wales and the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Queensland.

Wombat is another unique animal in Australia - this sturdy cave animal, weighing up to 36 kg (79.4 pounds). If you want to see them in the wild, you may wish to visit the  Blue Mountains National Park in  New South Wales ,   Wilsons Promontory in Victoria and  the  Cradle Mountain - Cradle-Mountain-Lake St Clair in Tasmania National Park!


of Australia's unique animals also include monotremes, or hatching mammals. One of the most special is the platypus - is a living in the river, Tsui like ducks, with fluffy but waterproof body drive and webbed feet of the animal. The platypus is dug in the river bed. It is difficult to find the platypus, but the best place to find them is the calm river on the east coast, such as the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve near Canberra, the Great Otway National Park in Victoria Lake Elizabeth and New South Wales and Queensland.

Sting ants, also known as echidna, is another unique single-hole animal in Australia. Its body like a hedgehog or arrows, dressed in a needle full of acupuncture - do not try to pick it up! Kangaroo Island is one of the best places to discover their wild. 


Australia there are more than 800 kinds of unique birds, of which about half are unique to Australia. From the mini-honey to the huge, up to about two meters (6.6 feet high) of the land of birds - Emu. In our tropical rainforest we saw the crane ostrich, in our vast woods see the laughing kingfisher and in the hardwood forest with the prairie woods to find the emu. Enjoy penguins at Kangaroo Island and Victoria 's Philip Island in South Australia  or listen to the Wollumbin National Park in Gondwana Rainforests in the south-east of Queensland. Listen to the birds call the sound of winter.

There are 55 species of parrots in Australia, which have unique sunflower parrots, rose parrots, Australian parrots, small crown parrots, long-tailed parrots and tiger parrots, in the suburbs or cities can see. 


Australia and some snake species than any other place in the world, 25 kinds of the world's most toxic snakes, 21 species can be found in Australia. But not all of them are poisonous, we also have pretty stunning python and tree snake. Australian crocodiles are also well known, mainly divided into two varieties: the rest of the world can not find freshwater crocodiles, and Haikou crocodile (also known as saltwater crocodile). Kimberley, Kakadu National Park and the Cape York Peninsula are a great place to watch wild crocodiles. 

Seven species of turtle in the world, six can be found in Australia, including flat turtles, green turtles, tortoiseshell, leatherback turtle, red turtles and turtle turtle. Best place to watch sea turtles is  Western Australia  's Ningaloo Reef (Ningaloo Reef)  and Broome (Broome) of unspoiled beaches.

We also have a wide variety of lizards, "dragon" and lizard (Australian lizard), such as full of umbrella lizard and pine lion lizard. The lizard can be seen in the desert environment of Western Australia, Shark Bay, Carnarvon and Exmouth. 

Marine animals

of our marine environment for 4,000 22,000 species of fish live in the world of 58 species of seagrass in the world there are 30 kinds can be found in Australia. We also have the world's largest coral reef ecosystem - the World Heritage  Great Barrier Reef , where there are countless colorful fish stocks, including  the beautiful clownfish in Finding Dory . We have nearly 1,700 different types of corals.

Large marine creatures include humpback whales, southern whales and killer whales, dugongs (or manatees), several dolphins and several sharks. Try to enjoy the whale migration on the east coast from May to November, or swim with the gentle whale shark in Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia.

 Kangaroo Island is one of the best places to enjoy Australian soft wool seals in the wild.




每年冬天,觀看座頭鯨經過拜倫灣(Byron Bay)和哈維灣(Hervey Bay)向北遷徙。驚嘆於牠們利用複雜的技巧進行交流的方式,透過水底聽音器聆聽雄性鯨魚令人難以忘記的水下歌聲。在地理灣(Geographe Bay)、登斯波若(Dunsborough)和阿伯尼(Albany)觀看行動緩慢優雅的南露脊鯨沿西澳州海岸線北上。或是在南澳的海灣之首(Head of Bight)鯨魚保護區或維特港(Victor Harbor)觀察這些曾經幾乎被捕獵到滅絕的瀕危動物。觀察牠們在華南埠(Warrnambool)的水域裡交配和產子,或是在塔斯曼尼亞風景如畫的大牡蠣灣(Great Oyster Bay)看牠們和座頭鯨一起從南極水域返回。從四月下旬起,南露脊鯨會前往南澳州和維多利亞州海岸線以外的溫和水域繁衍後代。與此同時,更為活躍的座頭鯨會沿著西海岸和東海岸繼續向北,前往更溫暖的熱帶水域。這就意味著,在五月到十一月間,您可以在澳洲海岸沿線許多風景優美的地點看到這些巨大的哺乳動物。




對來自世界各地的遊客來說,澳洲的獨特動物是一大賣點;而且澳洲許多動物園是世界上最棒的動物園。 澳洲有公立和私立動物園。 部分澳洲動物園展出外來物種,例如大型貓科動物和大象;其他動物園則把重點放在澳洲本土動物和鳥類。 澳洲的動物園和野生動物保護區肩負著環境教育和研究等極為重要的使命,藉此保育瀕臨絕種的動物。 澳洲許多動物園會舉辦特別活動、「幕後花絮之旅」以及能夠與動物近距離接觸的過夜住宿。 在這些地方可以看到樹熊、袋鼠、袋熊以及澳洲其他令人驚豔的動物。