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An Instagrammers' guide to the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is full of photogenic spots, from charming towns to breathtaking rugged cliffs.

By Huy Nguyen

Away from the city and the coast, Blue Mountains is a world of its own. You can lose yourself wandering in the charm of old town streets or exploring the variety of scenic trails, just minutes away.

Like the mist on top of Sublime Point, the beauty of the region is constantly shaped and reshaped by the forces of nature. Every scenery is pure and every opportunity unique. Here are 7 spots to experience and capture in the Blue Mountains.

Great Western Highway

Great Western Highway, Katoomba, New South Wales

You don’t have to wait till you reach your destination to start taking pictures. Some of the most magical moments take place on the road. Ride shotgun and have your camera always at the ready because you could be in for anything.

The Great Western Highway is a long but nice drive that connects the towns in the Blue Mountains region. On colder days, it gets foggy in the morning and evening, making it perfect for some moody and atmospheric road photography.

Evans Lookout Road

Evans Lookout Road, Blackheath, New South Wales

Evans Lookout Road is a narrow road lined with eucalyptus trees and the occasional old cottage. Some of the trees lean outward from both sides of the road in a gate formation, looking mesmerising and mysterious when shrouded in mist. The slopes are dramatic and the road occasionally comes to an abrupt curve, disappearing in thick mysterious looking mist.

Valley View Lookout

Valley View Lookout, Blackheath, New South Wales

Located below the famous Evans Lookout, Valley View Lookout is often overlooked by visitors. Like its name suggests, this lookout offers you a closer view of the northern side of Grose Valley. Here you can see the mountains weave into each other, forming a valley floor. And unlike the sunny vistas that you get from Evans Lookout, the views from Valley View are darker and moodier, making it worth a visit if you want your holiday pics to look a little different.

Sublime Point Lookout

Sublime Point Lookout, Leura, New South Wales

If you’re a minimalist, you’d know that sometimes your love for nature goes against your clean aesthetic. Some of us spent the entirety of our Instagram lifetime creating and curating an all white gallery. Sublime Point Lookout offers the best of both worlds - a majestic view of mountain ranges submerged in a sea of pristine white clouds.

You probably think it a hard hike to get to this vantage point, but it’s actually just a 5-minute walk from the carpark. Remember to get here early in the morning to capture the clouds as they will start to dissipate as the temperature rises.

Leura Mall

Leura Mall, Leura, New South Wales

Leura Mall is a beautiful tree lined retail avenue in the Blue Mountains. Explore the alleys behind the stores and you’ll find loads of interesting places to shoot.

Leura Mall in autumn is especially beautiful. The foliage turns to a yellow tone as the weather gets colder. Photograph the streets covered in golden leaves, or get up-close with the plants, bees and flowers.

The Candy Store

The Candy Store, Leura, New South Wales

If you like a bit of nostalgia, the Candy Store is for you. Even though it was first opened in the early 90’s, the store’s aesthetic is very 50’s with its pastel colour palette and dark timber fixtures. There is something charming about hundreds of lolly canisters neatly lined up on wooden shelves. Bring an analogue camera to capture this retro beauty in its warm-hued glory or just apply the Lo-Fi Instagram filter.

The Blue Mountains Food Co-op

The Blue Mountains Food Co-op, Leura, New South Wales

The Blue Mountains Food Co-Op has a very similar aesthetic to The Candy Store but with more earthy-tones. An assortment of spices, nuts, teas and coffees are all neatly stored and labelled in canisters and dispensers displayed on rows of muted shelves.

There is something wildly eye-pleasing about seeing so many different textures and colours arranged in a way that looks harmonious.

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