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8 great places for architectural photography in Sydney

Sydney has a rich selection of architecture, old and new. Here is a list of eight locations that make the best architectural photography.

By Pat Kay

Sydney has a rich history of urban development and architecture. Besides the ever iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, this list introduces you to a range of projects that define the city, its past, present and future. Note: the pictures featured in this article have been enhanced for artistic reasons.

Grosvenor Place

Grosvenor Place, Sydney, New South Wales

Situated in the heart of the city and just a five-minute walk from Circular Quay Station, Grosvenor Place is a breath of fresh air. The monumental office tower was designed and built in 1988 by renowned Australian architect Harry Seidler. Grosvenor Place received a number of refurbishments recently, beginning from the landscaping of its outdoor space. The newly implemented curvilinear walls are lined with mirrors, reflecting and enhancing everything the city skyline has to offer.

200 George Street by Mirvac

200 George Street by Mirvac, Sydney, New South Wales

Standing across the road from Grosvenor Place, you can see the Mirvac building’s monumental “X” shaped pillars giving its tower the illusion of hovering weightlessly off the ground. Eschewing the ultra-modern aesthetic, the building favours the warm tones of traditional materials such as timber and sandstone. This approach has helped the building achieve one of the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly designs in Australia.

Australia Square

Australia Square, Sydney, New South Wales

Designed by modernist master Harry Seidler, Australia Square is an iconic landmark of Sydney lesser-known among tourists. The building is a slender, light-weight concrete high rise with a circular plan. It was considered the most beautiful of its time by Sydney Morning Herald and renowned critics and architects for its status as Australia’s glowing beacon of modernization. If you’re willing to overlook the endless streams of people crowding up this place, you’ll find the finest examples of civic design in different scales and levels.

Wynyard Walk

Wynyard Walk, Barangaroo, New South Wales

Barangaroo is Sydney’s newest cultural and commercial hub, rapidly growing with new buildings and restaurants sprouting up everyday. The Wynyard Walk came to development as a result, connecting pedestrians from Wynyard Station to Barangaroo with a four minute stroll. There are futuristic geometrical patterns running along its length while the ceiling features a beautiful free flowing line illuminating the tunnel.

Napoleon Bridge

Napoleon Bridge, Barangaroo, New South Wales

Napoleon Bridge is located right outside of the Wynyard Walk so you don’t have to cross the ever busy Napoleon Road to reach Barangaroo. The bridge is a robust structure connecting the three newest towers to the city. The skeletal steel posts that line the bridge provide a fantastic opportunity for some architectural photography. Photograph it from a low angle for an impressive view of the bridge and the surrounding high-rises.

Abercrombie Building, University of Sydney

Abercrombie Building, Darlington, New South Wales

Located within the University of Sydney's Business School and just a fifteen minute drive south of the city, the Abercrombie building is a $180 million project built by John Holland, one of Australia’s leading engineering and contracting companies. Pictured is probably the grandest staircase Australia has to offer with its spiral structure and wooden details on an epic scale.

Sydney Opera House

Opéra de Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales

Your trip to Sydney is not complete without visiting the world-famous Sydney Opera House. You can photograph this iconic building from many different angles and perspectives. But one of the best is just five minutes of walking from Circular Quay Station, at the Overseas Passenger Terminal located across the water, next to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA). The sight of the Opera House lit up at night reflecting in the water, is simply unmissable.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, New South Wales

The neighbouring Sydney Harbour Bridge is equally iconic. There are many spots to take photos of this colossal structure. It looks great from many angles, but one that is often not considered is from right underneath where you can capture the intricate details that make up the bridge.

This article originally appeared on Townske.