Aboriginal guided hike on Mount William, Grampians National Park, Victoria © Rob Blackburn

Mount William, Grampians National Park, Victoria © Rob Blackburn

How to get featured by @australia on social media

@Australia Instagram profile frequently asked questions

It’s about inspiring the world to visit Australia, and Australians to explore their home. The account is managed by the social media team at Tourism Australia, but the real work is done by all of our followers who share their stunning shots with us every day. 

No, don’t be silly. We’re actually real people. 

It’s super easy, mate. Just add #SeeAustralia or #HolidayHereThisYear to your photo and the team will consider your image or video for a feature. You can also tag them with @Australia, that works too.

It might. From time to time we will feature some images on our Facebook page, our @Australia Twitter profile or Australia.com. We may also occasionally contact you if we would like to use your image or video elsewhere. You can read the full terms & conditions around submitting images here.

We think so.

We think your cat is really cute. But, unfortunately, we simply can’t use Muffincakes to promote holidays in Australia. Our research has shown that what motivates travellers to pick Australia for their next holiday is things such as our amazing beaches, unique wildlife, the Great Barrier Reef, beautiful natural wilderness, our bustling cities and unmatched food and wine experiences.

So, unless Muffincakes can pose on a beach while holding a plate of seafood, we won’t be able to feature him.

That certainly improves your chances. Remember to add #SeeAustralia or tag @Australia, though!

Photos are selected based on what’s timely and relevant, what aligns with our social media guidelines, and Tourism Australia’s campaign and brand messages. We’ll always give credit to the photographer or videographer in our posts.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to have your photo featured but, remember, the team here will always check what else our followers will see if they click through to your profile.

Probably not. It’s not that we don’t think you’re cute, it’s just that we like to feature content where our followers can picture themselves in the photo. Unless you’re a marsupial. Koalas or kangaroo selfies are always welcomed.

Rarely. Promoting Australia is a very big job, for a real person or a kangaroo.

Yes. P. Sherman is a good mate of ours, actually.

A long time, please read them.

When you say this in an Australian pub, everyone is your friend. Try it out next time you’re here.

If you’d like to submit your images please use our hashtags. You can also email us at socialmedia@tourism.australia.com. We’ve had a few weird messages on this email lately, so keep it PG please. No pictures of Muffincakes either.