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The best jogging spots in Australia

The best jogging spots in Australia

 You better run for your lyf

This hangover cure is super controversial, and we get that. Some people would rather be tied down and forced to listen to all major Game of Throne season spoilers for the next year than to have to move a muscle on a Sunday morning.

To the rest of you, we recommend a solid workout when you’re feeling hungover. For two reasons:

  1.  Get it out. Lift some of the burden from your struggling liver and sweat the alcohol right out of your pores.
  2.  Momentum. If you get up, you’ll probably stay up. And pretending you don’t have a hangover is one of the best ways to get over one.

A gym may not be the go, and the hectic lighting and repetitive techno might make you feel like you’re back in da club, so go get yourself some fresh air. Make a strong coffee and a strong playlist, and take off along one of Australia’s many beautiful routes.  

Near Sydney

Lane Cove National Park

This is perfect for the hungover person. It has a bush-run vibe to it, but it’s still technically in the middle of the city. Isolation is not a good idea for you right now, so this gives the pleasant illusion without the anxiety of being far from CPR/beer. All the eucalyptus and kookaburras and lorikeets will make you feel connected to the outback again, even if you’re still disconnected from your best self.

Near Brisbane

Mt Coot-tha

Take to the riverside tracks of Mt Coot-tha for a breezy running experience that won’t drag you too far from the city centre. Plus, the JC Slaughter Falls and Simpson Falls picnic areas are excellent starting and finishing points if you want to end the exercise with a view.

Near Melbourne

The Tan

This run is a cool 3.8 kilometres (2.4 miles), which isn’t too intimidating. Lace up your Nikes and jog around King’s Domain and the Botanic Gardens - an inner-city run that’ll give you a hit of nature without causing any isolation-induced FOMO. Fun fact: it was once a horse track, which is pretty cute. If you’d been born in another century, you may not have been running there, but you probably would still be hungover.

Near Perth

Lake Monger Reserve

This is a kind run, and that’s probably what you need right now. The circuit is less than 5 kilometres (3 miles) and it’s pretty flat all the way around. You’ll spot a few black swans while you’re at it, and word for the wise, you should look but not touch. Those guys have a shorter fuse than you after 20 tequilas the night before.   

Near Adelaide

Torrens Parkrun

This is also a shorter running route, around the Torrens Lake Weir, and perfect if you’re looking to avoid any curveballs or challenges of any kind. If nature runs were dates, this would be dinner and a movie.

Near Hobart

Nutgrove, Sandy Bay

Ever heard the expression “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? This is like that. If today you feel like you don’t have your life together, jog through the fanciest part of town and pretend you’re an off-duty CEO. Another fun fact: this is the home of the infamous MONA Nude Swim as part of the Dark Mofo festival every July.

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